Intercultural Communication: Diversity in Practice

Professional development seminars offered by

Consultants Interculturele Communicatie

The perspective and focus of each seminar varies, remaining topical and practical.

Who should participate?

Professionals interested in increasing knowledge and skills in their cross-cultural work in international teams, project management, human resources and education.

Attendance is limited to ensure optimal learning and exchange

Benefit to individuals and organisations:

  • Increased scope for choosing and applying appropriate and effective methodologies in intercultural learning
  • In-depth understanding of the process and consequences of pluralism in personal and work environments
  • The opportunity to exchange valuable experience and best practices.
The topics are decided by the interest / needs of the participants

Examples of seminar focus

  • Cultural dimensions affecting intercultural work and education
  • Cross-cultural conflict management in business, education and civil communities
  • Cross-cultural leadership: Cultural mentoring and coaching / managing individuals and groups with plural identities, in business, education, and civil communities
  • Background knowledge and research on cultural identities with practical application for business, education and civil communities
  • Strategies for managing and helping others to manage cross-cultural dilemmas
  • Education: methods and practices incorporating cultural sensitivity into the curriculum
  • Models and examples for auditing and implementing cultural due diligence in organizations
  • .......
We offer these seminars to corporations, NGOs and educational institutions. If you organize a seminar within your organization we would be happy to facilitate it.
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