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Since 1991, Consultants Interculturele Communicatie provides training sessions, coaching and advice, workshops and seminars for transnational corporations, universities and international organisations around the world.

Design, development and delivery of programmes fit the needs of the participants, combining practice and theory to achieve an optimal learning and carry-over process.

CIC is headquartered in Amsterdam and has a network of international trainers and experts.

Sessions can be led in English, Dutch, French and Spanish.

CIC director: Bernadette van Houten

Bernadette van Houten

Bernadette van Houten, MA was born in England, educated in The Netherlands, Belgium and The United States. Her academic background includes communication, education, intercultural theory and methodology, and medical anthropology. Ms van Houten has lived and worked in Central and North America, the Caribbean and Europe.

She has also worked and travelled in South East Asia (especially Vietnam and Indonesia), East and West Africa, South America, Central Europe and Kazakhstan.

She is a lecturer in cross-cultural management and intercultural communication in the Netherlands, with Webster University's MBA programme and the Department of Communication of California State University Northridge's College of Extended Learning. She is a visiting lecturer for the Center for European Studies in Maastricht, Phoenix University Rotterdam and the MA programme in Intercultural Communication of the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, Germany.

Ms van Houten is co-founder and co-director of the Institute for Intercultural Communication.

She also founded the ECIS Cross-Cultural Committee in 1993 and was Chair form 1993 to 1997.

Bernadette's Academic Background and Experience
Overview of international professional experience, outside the USA and Europe:

Tycho Erdmann, CIC associate

Tycho Erdmann is Dutch and lives in Amsterdam. When not consulting about intercultural management / education, Tycho is a youth and parent counselor in the Hague.

In 2009, Tycho earned his Msc. degree in Neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam with a minor in intercultural psychology. In addition, he has completed several trainings in intercultural psychology.

He has experience in individual intercultural coaching for expat managers and families moving to The Netherlands and to the United States.

Bernadette's Academic Background and Experience

Overview of international professional experience, outside the USA and Europe:

Bernadette van Houten Presentation

Bernadette van Houten


Cross-cultural communication advisor and facilitator with ten years experience in the transnational corporate sector, developing and delivering diversity and intercultural management courses and over 20 years experience in international education as a specialist educator, consultant and teacher-trainer.

Since 1991, Director Consultants Interculturele Communicatie, Amsterdam
Co-founder and co-director of the Institute for Intercultural Communication
Founder and former Chair of the Cross-Cultural Committee of the European Council of International Schools
Citizen: The Netherlands, United Kingdom
Languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, American Sign Language

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