We offer these seminars to corporations, NGOs and educational institutions. If you organize a seminar within your organization we would be happy to facilitate it.

An example of a Seminar

Intercultural Communication: Diversity in Practice

International professional development seminars offered by
Consultants Interculturele Communicatie
in association with Webster University, The Netherlands

CIC has offered open Cross-Cultural Seminars since 1994. The perspective and focus of each seminar varies, remaining topical and practical.

Primary language of the Seminar: English

Who should participate?

Professionals interested in increasing knowledge and skills in their cross-cultural work in international teams, project management, human resources and education.

Attendance is limited to 15 participants to ensure optimal learning and exchange

Benefit to individuals and organisations:

  • Increased scope for choosing and applying appropriate and effective methodologies in intercultural learning
  • In-depth understanding of the process and consequences of pluralism in personal and work environments
  • The opportunity to exchange valuable experience and best practices.


An intake will ensure that the focus remains on the participants’ professional and personal interests and concerns.

Module One

  • Cultural competence:
    Face-to-face discourse
    Managing virtual, multicultural communication
  • Useful models for analyzing cross-cultural conflicts and for applying effective strategies
  • Identifying and managing the new complexities of working across cultures, languages and experiences / expectations

Module Two

  • Effective training and teaching of Intercultural Communication / Intercultural Sensitivity / Diversity
  • Training and teaching diverse groups and cultural backgrounds
  • Methodology, tools and practice

Course leaders:

Bernadette van Houten

Richard Pearce

Monika de Waal: Research on Third Culture Kids

Victorio Torres: What we can learn from Kenya: people and projects

  • Interactive discussions
  • Presentations
  • Cross- cultural awareness activities / “tools”
  • Analysis of video clips and cross-cultural cases

Most of our Seminar participants are professionals with experience in research and practice: You are encouraged to share your research, expertise and skills. There is possibility to present your research or lead an activity (20 minutes + 10 minutes questions/discussion).

Seminar Course

Course group

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