Terms of agreement:

Fee is exclusive 21% VAT when applicable, as well as travel and accommodation

Materials are included in the fee. Any costs incurred towards special training materials will be billed after consultation.

Materials are the property of CIC unless otherwise stated and only for personal use.

Cancellation/postponement policy:

The client has 14 days, without fee, to cancel or postpone the training dates.

If the training/seminar is cancelled or postponed, the following percentage of the expected fee will be billed

  1. After the confirmation agreement and up to 8 weeks of delivery date: 25%
  2. Between 8 weeks and up to 4 weeks prior to delivery date: 50%
  3. Between 4 weeks and up to 1 week prior to delivery date: 75%
  4. Within one week of delivery date: 100%

Fees will be invoiced and are to be paid within 30 days.

Complaint procedure

In case of a complaint against CIC, please contact the CIC Office Manager – Jorge Diaz at + 31 20 6242212 - to make an appointment within a two-week time span to discuss the issue.

The complaint and resulting procedure will be kept confidential.

If the issue cannot be resolved internally within one month, an independent legal advisor from Kalf Advocatuur will be consulted and you will be advised of this at least one month after the start of the complaint procedure. If more time is needed for research you will be advised of the reasons for the delayed procedure within one month of the original complaint.

The end-result will be completed and communicated to you within six months of the start of the research procedure and will be accepted and the consequences handled by CIC. Complaints will be archived for seven years.